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Teachers. Administrators. Maintenance Teams. Subs. This downloadable guide gives you the language
you need to understand your school's current risk for carbon monoxide exposure.

CO safety resources for school staff

Young Teacher

Every school is different. But it's important you know yours.


This is an interactive resource for educators, school staff members and those who work with/in school systems. It is customizable to fit your unique school – and can be used for any school you may rotate to throughout your career or job roles.


"Understanding The Carbon Monoxide Risk In Our School"  was created with the staff and faculty of schools in mind – empowering them to ask questions to understand the sources and spread points for CO in their schools, educate them on CO and its visible symptoms, as well as get a better understanding of what to do should they be alerted to or suspect CO exposure.



1. Learn the five fast facts about carbon monoxide in schools. You'll want to check out the sources, too.


2. Use the downloadable guide to discover the answers to the questions you should be asking to make sure your school is prepared for a CO exposure incident. Need distribution ready tri-folds for your team? I can send you some! Just reach out.



1. If your checklist shows you there's room for improvement, and you're ready to make changes to achieve best practices in CO Safety, Readiness and Prevention you can check out how to become an "A-school" here.

2. Apply to become certified CO SAFE SCHOOL™ - coming soon!

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