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Our younger generation is unstoppable – able to dig in and make change happen. Student leaders interested in tackling the CO conversation in their school should download the resources found here.

Take the pledge - COMING SOON

CO safety resources for student leaders

High School Friends

It's time to take the pledge. I believe that student leaders are the key to changing the CO conversation in schools. At direct risk of impairment should a CO event occur, today's young people can dive head first into current and future leadership skills by "taking the pledge."

CO Safe Schools will provide your task force with the following:

  • A portable, low-sensitivity carbon monoxide meter* 

  • Ready to watch video lessons for educating key stakeholders at your school about carbon monoxide risk and prevention (stakeholders: task force, students, teachers, maintenance, leadership, volunteers)

  • Understanding the CO Risk in Our School downloadable task force workbook PDF

  • Understanding the CO Risk In Our School printed trifold brochures

Taking the pledge entails:

  • Committing to forming/maintaining a CO Task Force that would include at least one (or multiple) of the following: a student, a teacher, a maintenance team member, a school administrator, a school board member, a local or state legislator

  • Using the Understanding The CO Risk in Our School brochure, discover your school's preparedness level for a CO emergency (currently). What did you discover about the current laws, codes related to carbon monoxide detection in your school, locality or state? You will share your findings with using your CO Taskforce Discovery Survey.

  • Using your CO Task Force Workbook, you will create a CO transparency plan for your school. This plan will detail exactly what appliances, systems, equipment put your school and its occupants at risk for CO. It will outline your current or future CO detection zones. It will outline what kind of detection devices are in use/at what levels and how they will alert. It will also outline things like frequency of inspections, standard operating procedures related to who/when outside vendors or contractors can bring CO-producing equipment on site.

  • Incorporate our educational videos, as well as your findings and transparency plan, to create a CO training specific to your school that can be shared with all staff and student body in the form of a viewable presentation.

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