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CO Safe Schools helps community members who value education, health and safety understand, advocate for and achieve CO-safe school campuses.

Carbon Monoxide Detector with childrens

Let's get educated.

Because our assumptions about carbon monoxide are causing major damage.

For years, carbon monoxide (CO) awareness and safety campaigns have focused on language centered around the private citizen inside the home.

This has left an incredible gap of understanding about carbon monoxide in commercial properties – and a person's safety inside of them. 

Our assumptions about carbon monoxide in schools and daycares are going to hurt students, teachers, on-site visitors and staff. It's time for a re-education around the CO risk in schools.


Two hundred carbon monoxide incidents in U.S. schools and daycares.

2,400+ injuries of students and teachers on these properties.

Less than 8% were protected with detection devices. It's time for change.

It's time to understand the MODERN RISKS of carbon monoxide in schools and daycares.

Our first-of-its-kind CO in Schools case study breaks it down for you.

"I was just your average mom. And then my kids were poisoned."

With her keynote speech Watchdogs: Embrace Your Role In Building Stronger, Safer Communities, Nikki James Zellner delivers a powerful, personal account of her research and activism to expose and mitigate the modern risks of carbon monoxide in schools and daycares. Her dramatic story, from how her own children were poisoned in their 5-star daycare in 2020, to stepping outside her comfort zone to deliver research and wake up calls to parents, public servants, schools and code councils – inspires audiences to safeguard their own communities and share their own stories to create change.


Remembering that there are people out there focused on things that no one else has focused on are doing tremendous good kind of lights a fire in me. There's not going to be a national story about how many lives will be saved or serious health problems avoided because of Nikki's advocacy and all the people who've joined her in thinking about carbon monoxide, but that has absolutely mattered in a really big way. And so that helps me remember that doing your part matters in a really big way."

- Beth Silvers, co-host of Pantsuit Politics