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The #1 resource for change makers, concerned citizens and journalists when it comes to understanding the REAL risk of carbon monoxide in their school. will help you:
- Become aware of the issue of CO in schools
- Learn the language to engage in conversations
- Give you the tools to take action, prevent + protect

We reviewed over 200 cases of publicly-reported carbon monoxide incidents impacting students, teachers, staff and community members. Get your copy of Unprotected: A Case Study of Carbon Monoxide in U.S. Schools and Daycares today by requesting your copy at the link above.

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It's time to


Because our assumptions about carbon monoxide are going to cause major damage.

For years, carbon monoxide awareness and safety campaigns have focused on language centered around the private citizen inside the home.

This has left an incredible gap of understanding about carbon monoxide in commercial properties – and a person's safety inside of them. 

Our assumptions about Carbon Monoxide in schools are going to hurt students, teachers, on-site visitors and staff. It's time for a re-education around the CO risk in schools – and that starts with us.

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