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Watchdogs wanted.

CO Safe Schools helps community members who value education, health and safety understand, advocate for and achieve CO-safe school campuses.


Our first-ever Campus Report Card has just been released!

Each September, we will publish an annual Campus Report Card that breaks down the previous school year's US-based, press-reported Carbon Monoxide Incidents on daycare, K-12, and college campuses.

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The danger is real

My children were poisoned by carbon monoxide in their daycare in 2020. Since then, I've collected data on all known press-reported incidents of carbon monoxide evacuations and poisonings in U.S. daycares, schools, and college campuses. 

What does the data reveal? We've got a real problem here.

Your journey to becoming
a watchdog starts here.

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Campuses of all types have two choices.

They can alert with an alarm or a detection system that there's a situation occurring, and can safely, and quickly, get people out. 
Should a carbon monoxide exposure happen on a campus with detection, health injuries will be minimal.

But many campuses are choosing not to install alarms or detection systems, because they're not required to.

And should a carbon monoxide exposure happen at that school, it's often an emergency medical intervention – as CO has reached critical levels – resulting in long-term health issues, organ damage, or death."

Carbon Monoxide Detector with childrens
If I were to ask you if your school was protected against carbon monoxide danger, would you be able to tell me how and where?

For years, carbon monoxide (CO) awareness and safety campaigns have focused its language around residential properties, only recently moving into conversations regarding recreation and travel. 

This has left an incredible gap in conversation and understanding about the risk of carbon monoxide presence in commercial properties – where people believe they are safe and being cared for – when they're not. 

CO Safe Schools speaks specifically to the issue of carbon monoxide inside schools – commercial daycare, K-12 schools and college and university campuses. Our goal is to create CO-safe campuses nationwide, with your help of course.

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