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'Cause for Alarm' webinar to address modern sources of CO impacting daycares, schools, and colleges

It has always been the goal of CO Safe Schools to 'take this show on the road' to deliver story and data in hopes of creating safer campuses across the U.S.

Before her children experienced carbon monoxide poisoning at their daycare, CO Safe Schools' founder Nikki James Zellner only had the most basic knowledge of carbon monoxide. Now, she's considered a subject matter expert when it comes the ways that CO can impact a school campus of any kind.

A 'Cause for Alarm' is meant to be a challenging, thought-provoking look at how one everyday mom got started in carbon monoxide activism, and what she learned along the way. A 'Cause for Alarm' focuses on the educational aspect of CO safety – understanding what CO is (and isn't), the modern sources that impact a school campus (daycare, K-12 or college), and how the everyday public (and those in administration, legislation, or safety science roles) can get involved in creating CO safe campuses nationwide.

The first virtual presentation of 'Cause for Alarm' will take place in partnership with the Center for Campus Fire Safety on January 18, 2023 from 1pm - 2pm Eastern. Registration is free to the public, as well as members of CCFS. This webinar also qualifies for ICC re-certification CEU credits.

About CO Safe Schools:

CO Safe Schools helps community members who value education, health and safety understand, advocate for and achieve CO-safe campuses nationwide. Founder Nikki James Zellner created CO Safe Schools to provide the language and resources she needed, but couldn't find, when her own children were poisoned by carbon monoxide in their Virginia daycare in 2020. She has since become a parent activist in the CO safety space, and collects data and research related to carbon monoxide incidents on campus properties.

About The Center for Campus Fire Safety:

The Center for Campus Fire Safety is a non-profit, membership based organization devoted to reducing loss of life from fire at our nation's campuses. Their mission is to be the premier national advocate, information resource, and educational partner for campus fire and life safety professionals and the communities in which they serve.


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