• Nikki James Zellner

One year ago today...


My kids were being poisoned by a deadly gas.

They wouldn't be evacuated from it, and I wouldn't find out, until 5 hours later.

That day changed the trajectory of my life, likely forever.

Carbon monoxide poisoning isn't an "oops."

It's not breaking news today, gone tomorrow situation.

It kills people. It changes their neurological and biological profiles forever. It asphyxiates children, adults, poor and rich.

Today, a legislative bill sits in waiting.

A bill, that if an angry mom didn't raise some hell, likely wouldn't have made it this far.

A conversation, that if an angry mom didn't start, would have been swept under the rug.

We have the ability to make an impact, a difference every day. In the way we speak to people, in the ways we declare what we won't stand for, and in the ways we GET INVOLVED to create change.

When I was my oldest, Ronan's age, I saw picketers in Charlotte, NC –union members protesting unfair wages or something along the likes of that.

My mom and I happened to be in the car talking about "what I wanted to be when I grow up."

I told her: a sign holder.

Raising hell, to make a change.


And for my boys.

And for all the other littles, and mommas, and poppas, and teachers out there who just don't have the tools or the capacity to have this conversation right now.

But you will.

If I have anything to do with it, you will.

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