• Nikki James Zellner

Virginia HB1823 passes Senate 38-1, moves to governor for signature

Senators in Virginia voted today to pass HB1823 – a bill requiring schools, daycares and other childcare providing establishments to require carbon monoxide detection on site.

Only one Senator voted against the measure – Senator Mark Peake (R), out of Virginia's 22nd District.

The bill, introduced for the first time this year and stayed relatively under the radar, had a similar journey in the House of Delegates not too many weeks before when it passed the chamber 98-1.

The lone nay vote then belonged to Delegate M.L. Cole (R).

Should HB1823 be signed into law by Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist and Virginia's 73rd Governor, the requirement of detectors in schools and daycares would go into effect, and become part of the State's building code beginning July 1, 2021.

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