• Nikki James Zellner

Virginia HB1823 passes the House of Delegates, 98-1; moves to Senate Education & Health Committee

HB1823 passed its first milestone when it was met with great bipartisan support from the House of Delegates in Virginia and passed with a final tally of 98-1. The only nay vote came from Delegate Mark Cole of Virginia's 88th District.

HB1823 is a bill to amend the Building Code of Virginia requiring all public schools and daycares built pre-2015 to require at least one working carbon monoxide detector on site.

This legislation was introduced by Delegate Alex Askew (Chief Patron), Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler (Chief Co-Patron), Delegate Elizabeth Guzman and Delegate Dan Helmer.

Now that it has been advanced to the Senate Committee for Education and Health, fifteen Virginia Senators will decide whether it warrants reading to the full Senate body.

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