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A Case Study

Currently the only research of its kind as it relates to carbon monoxide incidents in U.S. schools and daycares

See the real impact of 200 documented cases of carbon monoxide in schools.

This case study is meant for the layman person – those who may not be versed in carbon monoxide but need to be. It removes the "scary science and technical talk" and breaks down why we need to treat carbon monoxide as a real threat in schools today. 


Use the Case Study as the starting point for change in your school, community

Not sure where to start when it comes to carbon monoxide risk in your own school or community? Use Unprotected: A Case Study as a conversation starter with your own team members to see where there are gaps in understanding, risk knowledge, language and on-property sources.

Unprotected_ A Case Study of Carbon Monoxide in U.S. Schools and Daycares cover image.png

Download your copy

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