• Nikki James Zellner

A thank you to Local Journalism

It is not lost on me that I could not get the traction I'm getting here without the continued help of dedicated journalists who are watching out for local communities.

To Katherine Hafner, who is writing on behalf of The Virginian-Pilot and The Daily Press, I continue to be impressed by your ability to craft a well-balanced story that makes an impact, and gives me an opportunity to express my concerns to a larger audience.

This is a local issue, yes, but Katherine crafts the story in a way that gives perspective to a national conversation. She was there on Day 1 and she's here now, almost a year later.

Thank you local journalists, in every community, who want to dig deeper than surface level – and who are fierce advocates for getting the story right.

Check out Katherine's 2/3/21 story on the progress of HB1823 here.

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