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HB1823 signed by Governor Northam, takes effect July 2021

Updated: May 1, 2021


Today, Governor Ralph Northam signed HB1823 (2021) into law – requiring carbon monoxide detectors in childcare facilities, private and public schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Prior to the passage of this law, only buildings built in 2015 or after were required to provide life-safety protection against carbon monoxide – and now, all schools will have at least some form of protection and prevention on site.

But for me, the work is far from over.

The narrative around carbon monoxide HAS to change. There needs to be a complete RE-EDUCATION related to carbon monoxide awareness, prevention and response – in .

  1. You don't need gas lines coming into your school (and connected to its appliances) to be at risk for carbon monoxide. Let's squash the "gas only" narrative.

  2. Each school's "prevention plan" will be different based on age of school, school layout, systems and risks on site, and more. This is not one size fits all, and can't be.

  3. Prevention and protection is no longer optional – in any property. Let's stop acting like the property type makes a difference. We're all at risk for CO exposure – and it's time to hold commercial property owners accountable for protection of life and safety in their establishments.

Thanks everyone for getting us to this point – and across the finish line for HB1823. More to come!




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